How Realtors Help First-Time Buyers get a Down Payment

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How Realtors Help First-Time Buyers get a Down Payment

Discover how we help Toronto & GTA Realtors help first-time buyers find money for a down payment, and convert more leads into sales. Plus, we’ll give you an easy tip that you can use today to generate more business within your existing client database.

The Down Payment: First-time Buyers’ Biggest Challenge

We talk about a very specific strategy that we’ve been using with referral partners, with great success. It’s not a new strategy, but it’s definitely become highly relevant in today’s crazy GTA housing market. Speaking of which, there seems to be no end in sight. CMHC just released their Housing Outlook Report, forecasting Toronto average home prices to hit somewhere around 1.51 million by 2024. Given this, what’s one of the biggest challenges, or what’s at the top of a realtor’s mind? It’s affordability, or the lack thereof. More specifically, it’s the challenge of clients coming up with a minimum down-payment. As prices continue to climb, the goal posts keep moving further and further away.

Helping Realtors Go the Extra Mile

While preparing for this show, we asked several realtors, “what can we do right now to help you get one more sale this quarter?” And they simply said, “help us solve this problem!” So that’s what we’re talking about today. To the point, it’s not about buying more leads or making more calls. “Work smarter, not harder,” as they say. It’s about changing your mindset and adding a step to your existing process. That being said, we believe that there are many leads that go to waste because they are deemed unqualified. But the reality is, there could be a way to help them. We believe that, by the end of this podcast, you’ll have the right set of tools to go that extra mile for your clients and get that extra sale.

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