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Every REALTOR® knows, a happy client is the best source for referrals!

I help realtors close more deals

Want to ensure every deal goes smoothly, without any nasty surprises? Do you have a tough last-minute deal? I’m Victor Camba B.Eng, a Mortgage Broker in the GTA. Let’s work together to get it done! Click here to read my professional bio.

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what is your biggest challenge?

Generating leads! It’s a challenge that we all face, regardless of our industry. But we don’t have to face them alone! We all know the REALTOR and Mortgage broker relationship goes hand-in-hand. Which is why I invite you to engage with me in co-marketing opportunities.  You’ll have access to my YouTube channel, Podcasts episodes, marketing materials, such as prospecting letters, eBooks, and ad templates. Best of all, there is no cost to you! Our mutual goal is to increase reach and visibility as well as improving your authority and value as an expert.

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I welcome Realtors to be guests on my show.  Listen to how we help Toronto & GTA Realtors convert more leads into sales, by tackling their clients’ biggest challenge: the down-payment. Plus, get an easy tip that you can use today to generate more business within your existing client database.

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3 Ways To Outshine Your Competition

Here are additional sample ways of how we can work together...

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Get Your Name On A Book!

Want to increase lead generation from your website by 50%? Get your name on an eBook. Not only will it help capture leads, but it will also portray you as a well-connected expert!

For example, I have written a book called “Buying A Home? What Can Possibly Go Wrong?”. Your name appears on the cover as the author of the Foreword. Your prospecting letter is included on page 2. Don’t have time to write a letter? I have already written out a letter designed to make you shine!

This is highly relevant and valuable content that can’t be found in a simple online search. As a result, your prospects are likely to give you their contact details in return for access to the eBook.

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Be Your Client’s Hero!

Is a deal about to fall apart due to financing? Did your buyer’s income drop due to COVID-19 and their recent bank statements no longer show income deposits? Or did they take on new debt to cover an unexpected emergency?

Whatever the reason, now is the time to come to your clients’ rescue and refer them to a mortgage broker that can close those tough deals, and quickly! I’ll help you be the advocate for your clients by asking the right questions. If the deal is saved, the clients will perceive you and your team as the heroes, and you’ll be sure to be rewarded with referrals.

realtor and mortgage broker relationship

Educate Your Clients

I help you provide true thought leadership. You become a source of valuable information for your clients. By understanding how the lending landscape is constantly changing, you will be aware of underwriting criteria that can directly impact your clients.

I help you communicate to your clients the many options and different types of lenders (e.g. banks, b-lenders and private lenders) that are available for their specific situation.

By demonstrating your expertise in financing, you can really help build client trust and confidence.

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I am Passionate about your business

I understand that closing tough deals is important to you, but I also understand that maintaining your excellent reputation is of utmost importance. That’s why I strive to take great care of your clients and provide them with “above and beyond” service.

I do this by carefully listening to the Realtors and real estate professionals I work with. I invite you to connect with me one-on-one to better understand your business and client needs.

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