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Learn how to save your deals

even when financing falls through!  (and how to prevent that from happening again)

*Update: includes mortgage rules impacted by COVID-19

“After reaching a frustrating dead end with my previous mortgage specialist,  I reached out to Victor for help.  Not only did he find a solution for my client, but I learned how to avoid that situation for future clients.  Thank you! You have been an absolute game changer on the way I do business!”

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The following is a must read:

  • How to become your client’s hero!
    Discover the top 5 surprises that can kill your deal last minute, and what you can do to come to the rescue! (and help your clients get the financing they need to save the deal)

  • How a mortgage “PRE-APPROVAL” can become “NOT APPROVED” at the very last minute, and what you can do to help your clients avoid it.

  • How COVID-19 has significantly changed how much your clients can borrow, and how you can adapt to quickly identify and focus on financially qualified leads.

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